In 2017, deaths from Pancreatic Cancer overtook those of Breast Cancer for the first time.

Currently in Ireland, we have an administrative database which provides certain key performance indicators of the National Cancer Control Programme but does not allow us to collect or interrogate clinical details. This is a major deficit.  A robust and accessible database is considered a basic requirement for any national centre.

In 2020, St Vincent’s University Hospital will start the process of developing The Jenny McGovern Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Database under the guidance of Professor Kevin Conlon (Jenny’s Surgeon).

After much research and discussion with the teams in St Vincent’s it was universally agreed that the most beneficial legacy would be to start this much needed database.

All proceeds from all our fundraising efforts will be used to establish The Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Database in association with St Vincent’s University Hospital and the St. Vincent’s Foundation.  We will fund the employment of specialised clinical nurses and administrative assistants who will track patients from diagnosis through to final outcome, logging hundreds of pieces of data along the journey in line with GDPR guidelines and all approved by the hospital ethics board. The collation of this data is the cornerstone required for the advancement of pancreatic cancer primary care, research initiatives and genetic advancements in the fight against this cancer.

We also need data to tell the story of pancreas cancer in Ireland.  Pancreas Cancer UK have been successful in this regard and knowledge among the general public in the UK is increasing.  However, in Ireland the lack of knowledge about the disease is shocking.  Data will drive more awareness and this would allow for the Irish experience to be used to inform the general public about this disease, a vitally important long term component of this initiative.


The Database

This new initiative, overseen by Professor Kevin Conlon, will employ highly qualified clinical nurses to establish and administer a database which tracks all new diagnosed patients across hundreds of data points and so providing medical professionals, patients and the public with the information required to start prolonging and preserving life.

What will this Mean

We will be able to develop an enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) programme allowing for better patient care. It will allow for the audit of current practice against national/international norms. It will allow us develop a local research environment and create a culture of continual improvement and excellence. Finally, it will help us understand why Ireland is seeing the highest incidences of Pancreatic Cancer in Europe.

Clinical Trials

There are some very exciting international research developments in the treatment of this cancer. Ireland wants to be part of these developments and have been invited to join. Unfortunately, we are asked to share our data to see whether or not we would have the patient population that would be appropriate for the studies and potentially would benefit. As we currently lack a clinical database we are are unable to join these initiatives.

By 2030, Pancreatic Cancer will be the 2nd leading cause of death by Cancer in Ireland.


In aid of The Jenny McGovern Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Database

In association with the St Vincent’s Foundation.

All funds donated will go directly to fund the employment of specialised clinical nurses to administer and manage the new Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Database. All funds will be managed and accounted for by the St Vincent’s Foundation, a not for profit charity organisation. All funds will be ring fenced specifically for this project and will be overseen by our external Auditor, Darren Connolly of UHY Farrelly Dawe White Limited.